The Neo-Trotskyist and the #Cuckservative

Some other alt-righters and I got into a debate earlier today on Twitter with a very basic grunt-level leftist. It wasn’t very interesting and I suspect it just wanted to waste our time, but I made several observations. The most important is that these people are awful at debating and not really much of an intellectual threat to our ideas. No matter what points we raised about displacement-level immigration being de facto ethnic cleansing or genocide, having a racial majority being essential in a democracy, or the double standard against White group identity versus any other race, it was met with the same response.

We’re hateful racist fringe lunatics. That’s it. No serious engagement. These people generally have no real means of deconstructing our arguments. They don’t even attempt to do so. Just call your opposition negative buzzwords and declare your righteousness. Pure signaling.

But you know who is actually threatened by this kind of rhetoric? Cuckservatives. And as such, since they are members of our own race, they are the biggest threat to the alt-right. They will reflexively surrender any issue to any leftist thought-policing so they can avoid being labelled racist or sexist by a flock of communists and foreigners. That would just be awful. God forbid they actually stand up for a principle they claim to believe in or advocate on behalf of the White majority that elected them.

“If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

— Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Romanian nationalist

So who is the greater poison? The left, or people claiming to be right-wing? Who is detracting Anglo-Americans from embracing nationalism? Most Whites in the US don’t vote Democrat, they vote Republican. Republicans are betraying their constituents and shooting themselves in the foot at the same time. [Those people from Marxist-Leninist run countries in Latin America are not natural conservatives]. Hopefully the White populism being pushed to the forefront of political debate in the United States by Donald Trump shifts the Republican party or splits it along nativist and cuckservative lines, because it’s become brutally obvious over the last few decades that conservatives in this country are simply liberals ten years behind and support the same demographically suicidal immigration policies.

The left is always going to be there. But without their coalition of rapidly growing non-white populations, they would be kept on the sidelines of civilization where they belong.

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10 Responses to The Neo-Trotskyist and the #Cuckservative

  1. Meow Blitz says:

    After these past few days I don’t even care about attacking the left in the present, they’ll always be around to fight later. I think we need to purify and purge the Right first.

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    • What’s great about #cuckservative is that the people protesting it are basically signaling how anti-white they are for all their constituents to see, which is the entire point of our criticism.


      • Conan the Suburbian says:

        Lawrence you are a crafty critter. I like your style.

        Having read that comment it seems good to me to sit and think why exactly I’m in this and what would I hope to accomplish. Reactionism is good for you. Everyone knows that. But what are we doing right now. I think your comment is one helluva start. For me, at least.

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  2. Rambo says:

    Neocons. The butt cucked losers of the right. Too concerned with clicks and loot to defend their own nation.


  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  4. The problem, as probably goes without saying is that these people are very difficult to remove because they’re all part of the same Jewish machine operating behind closed doors and it will act to defend them through its organs of power in the media. It’s not possible for European-first candidates to win elections when the entire media can crack the whip on dissenters. Look at the case of Howard Dean; on the opposite side of the aisle, but still shot down with cheap tactics and repetitious slander.


    • It’s very disheartening but the most we can do for now is metapolitics and trying to ride trends like Trump to spread our message. And the meme war of coursh. The fire rises brother.


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