The Left is Upset About Trump and White Populism

Perhaps the only thing more amusing than a cuckservative is a liberal telling Republicans what they should and should not do—it is brutally obvious that their intentions are sabotage and they have no intention of supporting or voting for whoever the nominally conservative party decides to run. There’s no reason to listen to their concerns or try to make a conservative candidate more palpable to liberals. The Republicans have lost multiple times trying to do this. There have been two concern troll-ish liberal perspectives on Trump that I’ve seen:

  1. Support Trump! He will crash the Republican party and the Democrats will win by default.
  2. Trump is a racist monster created by Republican politics and they are bad and should feel bad. Please nominate a more liberal candidate instead.

The latest op-ed to pull the latter tactic is from the New York Times, “Trump is the Poison His Party Concocted.” I’m not going to bother bloc quoting this writer at all, as I sometimes like to do in these types of posts, because his points are so basic, polemic and unoriginal while being almost entirely wrong on top of it. You can go look at it yourself if you want but we all know what he is going to say. In short, the Republicans are unable to control the “ugliness” they have unleashed and their damage control is ineffective against the “toxic” rhetoric that they have long “cultivated and supported.”

But there’s a certain undercurrent to all of the author’s concern-trolling, Trump-bashing, faux veteran honoring, and a priori support for displacement-level immigration whether legal or illegal. Can you guess what it is? If you’re a long-time reader of mine or the alt-right/dissident right, this should be automatic.

This author is anti-white. He is pathologizing White self-interest, something which is tolerated and encouraged of every other people on earth. Everything he hates about Trump and the “toxic” elements of the Republican party is simply an expression of low-intensity anti-establishment White identity politics, White populism. Just as gibesmedat appeals to the lowest common denominators of the Democratic black voter bloc, anti-immigration appeals to non-cuck, non-leftist and gentile Whites. Previously this was something more or less banned across the respectable field of political candidates and officeholders, and in many ways it still is because of political correctness and cultural marxism. How dare anyone even suggest White people have interests as a group. But on the issue of illegal immigration, the Overton window has moved. Trump is talking about it and polling a fourth of the Republican vote.

Trump is not alt-right. Trump is not a white nationalist. Trump is an executive decision maker and a masterful troll and marketer. And whether his beliefs about stemming illegal immigration come from a genuine concern for Anglo-America or an opportunity for him to tap into beliefs held by the Republican base that aren’t being represented by establishment Republicans—thus making him a disruptor in a business sense if he makes this insight actionable—is irrelevant. He is representing the most basic element of White populism, nativism. His Make America Great Again combines it with the generic civic nationalism of most Whites in a way that directly speaks to them. And nativism is not some great racist evil or pathology like we are so often told. When blacks, Hispanics and their leftist handlers flip their shit over “gentrification,” or White people moving to a non-white neighborhood, that’s nativism. When leftists supported decolonization and the removal of nearly all Europeans from much of Africa and Asia, often by violence, that was nativism. Nativism is a justified response to invasion.

As for the Republicans cultivating this toxin of White populism, as the desperately and genuinely concerned left decries it, what the actual fuck are you talking about? Nearly every Republican cuckservative is condemning Trump, to say nothing of Democrats. His beliefs don’t represent the Republican party. Republicans welcome immigration reform. Trump is cancer on conservatism, etc. So if the majority of Republicans are coming out against White populism, it isn’t something the Republican party supports. They aren’t crypto-white supremacists. Fortunate son and GOP favorite Jeb Bush isn’t in the Klan; his wife and children are mestizo. Speaker of the House John Boehner’s daughter is married to a Jamaican immigrant. That’s the embodiment of what the Republicans want. They’ve been trying to win the Latino vote, not that of their White base that’s stuck with no alternatives. They don’t look out for these people. Republicans are only conservative on guns and nominally on social issues. The Republican party does not cultivate White populism, it abhors it and it abhors Trump. He is a heretic. Our heretic. The fire rises.

Related: I obviously endorse Trump.

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    • I’ve looked into it and that might require shifting platforms


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    Cruz is your Ed Miliband. Creepy and soft.
    Trump is better than nothing, but voting might not be enough.
    You guys need to clean house, involves pest control.


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