Presidential Endorsement: #Shitlords4Trump

As an alt-right writer, I generally ignore elections since no one runs who comes even close to representing my interests or ideology. But the 2016 presidential campaign is impossible to totally ignore; well over a dozen people have declared their candidacy. Most are nominally Republicans, who are supposed to be America’s right-wing conservative party. [They usually aren’t, just liberals who are ten years behind].

But with all those candidates jockeying for attention and support, someone was bound to differentiate themselves from the others—I neither know nor care how Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee slightly vary on how well they signal to liberals and appeal to civic nationalists. That candidate, who has come from out of left field, or should I say far-right field, is none other than Donald J. Trump, an American businessman and TV personality known for his upfront demeanor, loud and politically incorrect viewpoints, and narcissism. Although to be fair, anyone who runs for president is a narcissist..

I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t like the idea of pure plutocracy; that’s what makes Romney and the Bush family so off-putting. And let’s be perfectly clear here, Trump would be a plutocratic ruler. And given his history of bankruptcy, maybe not even a particularly good plutocrat. (Although in some cases, bankruptcy is the best course of action). What makes Trump appealing to me as a candidate isn’t so much his history or his career, but his professed views and his willingness to not only state them but defend them.

Trump probably thinks of himself as a real conservative, but within the context of the Republican party really nothing could be further. Other Republicans either disagree with him altogether or are unwilling to say the things he says. The biggest elephant in the room, and one that is critical to the demographic and racial future of the United States, is our porous border with Latin America. The likes of Bush, Cruz and Rubio cannot truly defend Anglo-America in good faith; Bush’s wife and children are mestizo while Cruz and Rubio are “white Hispanics.” And while I would honestly prefer Cruz to Bush, I would also prefer Trump to Cruz. Trump is unapologetically opposed to illegal immigration and supports enhancing the United State’s border security. And he does this from a perspective so aggressive that his opponents have labelled him a racist and his institutional party has tried to distance itself. As readers familiar with the alt-right know, this is the highest compliment that a leftist or a cuckservative can bestow upon you, since a racist is simply someone who rejects multiculturalism.

It is racist to want to block immigration from Latin America, but so what? Why should Anglo-America be forced to become Latin America? And even though Trump is only speaking about illegal immigration, it is a step in the right direction. It moves the Overton window and gets Americans, particularly Republicans, thinking anti-immigration thoughts, and more importantly, speaking and writing them.

But let’s be clear here: while most of our illegal immigrants are non-white Latin Americans—have I mentioned how wrong I think Latin America is of a demonym?—our legal immigration is also majority non-white. To my knowledge, Trump has only expressed his opposition to illegal immigration, and only on grounds that are implicitly pro-white, not explicitly.

Trump is not the perfect alt-right candidate; there isn’t one because we don’t have that kind of metapolitical influence. But tactically speaking, Trump is the obvious choice for the alt-right. Anything that stops or reduces the flow of non-white foreigners into the United States staves off our demographic collapse and could put us on the path to reversing it.

Some other tactical reasons to support Trump are his pro-2nd Amendment views and support for economic protectionism against China. The last thing we want is a non-white majority future where you can’t even find a makework job to pay for self-defense or prepare for the Happening..

I will leave you with  a quote from arch-cuckservative Jeb Bush:

“Everybody has a belief that we should control our borders,” candidate Jeb Bush said on Saturday. “But to make these extraordinarily kind of ugly comments is not reflective of the Republican Party. Trump is wrong on this.”

Glad to know you’re on the right side of history, mister leftist.

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12 Responses to Presidential Endorsement: #Shitlords4Trump

  1. david says:

    Trump pro-2A? Really? I’d always assumed he was a typical urban anti, but I’d love to see some evidence to the contrary.


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  10. kerry owens says:



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