The Best Thing White People Can Do For Themselves in America? Embrace Race, Even (Especially) Our Own

It’s been an enriching summer so far for the United States: men can declare themselves women, standard fuckparties are legal in all 50 states, Czechs living in Washington state are negroes, and a Confederate battle flag that shot and killed nine black people because of FBI table 43 has been taken down. But really, what all of this means taken together is that White people need another article telling them how to be a better cuck—I mean ally that recognizes the problematic problems of “whiteness” and works to help spread the gospel of equality and diversity, also known as gibsmedat and softcore balkanization. For those of you who had the privilege of not knowing, Quartz is a sister site of The Atlantic, the main difference being the former’s orientation towards young business professional catladies rather than older ones, but I digress.

The original article, “The best thing white people can do for black people in America? See race, even (especially) your own,” like so many of this genre, makes the assumption that White people are just dying to signal their progressiveness by helping black people; and in the case of SWPLs, they absolutely are. And as always, the concept of White alliance is always worded so as to be explicitly subordinate: remember, you aren’t there to actually help black people as partners in equality but to serve a support function, like an intern or a secretary. Let POC do all the talking and leading; you are their janissary. That’s progressive. The most important thing for White allies to do is ideologically attack other White people and provide logistical support for rent-seeking campaigns.

As the author opines:

For white allies, then, effectiveness means tackling white privilege and supremacy and grappling with the guilt, advantages and denials of humanity that come along for the ride. Because even though race itself may be a fiction, there are very real differences between white people and people of color—economically, socially, legally, representationally—and these differences cannot be conveniently resolved by the choice to identify as a person of color.

Instead, here are three things white people can do right now to help resolve these differences.

See what I mean? All Whites have White privilege, all have guilt, and race doesn’t real except for when it can be used to dispossess Whites. But enough of this generic sociology-tier cultural marxism; I’ve got my own answers for White people on how to kick the cuck habit and be  better huwhytes:

1. Never ask people of color for forgiveness. The only thing you’ve done wrong here is kowtowing to people who don’t like you. You are not guilty for a minority of Whites owning slaves a hundred and fifty years ago, for biological, genetic and cultural differences between demographic groups that result in unequal outcomes, for the utterly lopsided levels of black-on-white violence, or for anything else they try to blame on you. It’s not about forgiveness and reconciliation anyway; if it were we wouldn’t still be having these “conversations.” In fact, maybe they should be thanking you for the privilege of living in one of the wealthiest, most powerful and advanced societies on earth with the same rights as the people who created and sustain it.

2. Start listening to and reading the alt-right, the new right, the electronic right, or even NRx. It doesn’t matter what we call it; it’s our media and it while it might not be our job to educate you, we would appreciate your d’nations. If you  want a perspective that goes beyond liberal or cuckservative, you should be reading and sharing The Right Stuff, Alternative Right, Radix, Counter-Currents, The Occidental Observer, Atlantic Centurion, and whatever other sites you find that would rather be right than on the “right side of history.” You should have an invisible knapsack filled with identity, not self-hate. Don’t let the same people who ‘celebrate diversity’ tell you what it means to be you.

3. Fight the anti-White establishment. Or as the original author phrases it, “Fight the power.” We have to oppose our enemies on every front to the best of our ability. They certainly aren’t going to give us a break. Whatever form that takes in the time being is up to you, but the most important thing we must do now is to spread our ideas. We are in an age of media warfare and everyone has a keyboard. Internet trolls can win on the digital front, and in a world where people spend hours at a time each day in front of their screens, that is victory. Write, blog, post, tweet, campaign, troll, shitpost, tell your friends, etc. And while you’re at it do some real world self-improvement stuff and pick up some marketable skills. Any money you earn is money someone else didn’t; any ability you have is one someone else has to compete with. And that someone might not be a real White ally.

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9 Responses to The Best Thing White People Can Do For Themselves in America? Embrace Race, Even (Especially) Our Own

  1. Jeff Traube says:

    address Hispanic privilege of illegally entering the country, Hebrew privilege of dominating the media, finance and academia; and black privilege of being admitted to schools and jobs with lower qualifications, resisting arrest, and walking in the streets vs sidewalk.


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  3. Brooklyn Dave says:

    I am happy that such a thing as the alt-right has sprung up. It is a fairly small group of people at present–but the fact that the alt-right has gotten some press in the NY Times regarding the term cuckservative is noteworthy. As things get shittier and shittier for “us”, hopefully more people will come on board. I literally stumble on the alt-right through surfing the web.

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  6. Dude123 says:

    Im hispanic (southern european descendent in a latin country) and identify with the alt-right on many issues, but every time I see a post about race, it is anglo-american centered. I totally understand why it is this way, but this leaves me with a question: how you, american alt rights see nationalists from other countries and ethnic identity from other ethnicities?


    • I believe most of us support globalized ethno-nationalism where it is appropriate. For example we would not like to see Japan become a non-Japanese country, or India a non-Indian country etc. In Ibero-America the issue is a bit different because you have monoethnic but multiracial societies like Mexico and Brazil or Colombia where there is a tiny White population, a large mestizo or mulatto population, and then a number of off-white castizo types but they all identify with the nation. So in the case of your region we do not have the same high hopes for ethnonationalism as we do in the Anglo and European countries which are more homogenous and in the case of the United States, racially polarized. One exception is the Southern Cone; a lot of alt-right WNs have a better opinion of Chile/Argentina/Uruguay and Italo-German south of Brazil. So in those places it may be possible for some sort of White-ish ethno-nationalism or separatism whereas in other parts of Latin America the nationalism possible is not going to be as successful due to racial issues.


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