A Partition of the United States, Revisited

Yes, it’s barely been a month since I last wrote on this topic, and no, there haven’t been any major real-world events that would indicate a clear need for revision. However, my political beliefs and ideological concerns are always being tweaked and adjusted at this stage in the game. The world as it is, the world as I perceive it, and that world as I want it to be are always in some state of flux. Ideas about the future of the United States are no different, and let’s face it, the electronic right loves thinking about the happening. Ultimately this is all a thought exercise, but as a student of history, the collapse of empires into new countries has always been of particular interest to me, and the United States is no exception.

When I last tackled the issue of nation-states being created from the United States, I had not yet fully formed my concept of Anglo-America, nor had I fully considered to what degree political patterns might shift in the future relative to racial groups. For example the “United States of the Atlantic” might have made more sense as just New England + New York, rather than extending as far as it did south of that and into the old Northwest. Many of those areas are Anglo-American but happen to be blue states. That may not be the case in the future given the growing racialization of US politics. They could very well develop a deeper racial-political consciousness.

Other areas I felt could be rethought are the counties of the black and white nation states. I based my initial map off the US Census Bureau’s statistics, specifically plurality or majority ancestry by county. This of course split whites into predominately Irish, Germans, Americans and English while if any one of those were individually outnumbered by the black population, the map considered the county black. Looking back at my own map, the “African American Republic” simply has an implausible amount of territory relative to the “White American Republic,” which despite having most of the ex-military and armed civilians ended up with almost no coast and losing much of the South. In hindsight it really seems unthinkable that a white nationalist country in North America would be willing to yield that much of the former Confederacy. As I am not from the South, I hadn’t really thought much about it but in retrospect I have come to see it as more significant strategically and ideologically. That isn’t to say a black nation state wouldn’t be in the Deep South, but I now believe that realistically its borders would be smaller and more inland.

I also gave a little consideration to Canada (and Alaska) in my original post, but didn’t bother to include it on my map. However, since this is entirely a thought exercise, I can have whatever I want on my map so long as it looks reasonable to me. So for fun, I’ve included Canada; although I am even less certain about Canada than the United States. In short, my thoughts are the following:

  1. Whatever they may be, the forces that would hypothetically disintegrate the United States would also impact Canada in some way. If not, the disintegration itself would impact Canada.
  2. Assuming US disintegration, the emergence of an Anglo-American Republic would certainly influence the political and cultural dialogue in Canada. The same goes for an actual Cascadian independence scenario.
  3. Nationally conscious anglophone white provinces in Canada would want to join a Anglo-American Republic while the Quebecois and First Nations would not.
  4. If anglophone white Canada west of Quebec joins Anglo-America, it would have a land route to Alaska, which would otherwise be virtually inaccessible as it lacks Pacific ports in my scenario.
  5. Alaska joins Anglo-America rather than becoming independent.
  6. Cascadia gains most of British Columbia. The United States of the Atlantic gets Toronto and neighboring areas of Canada that aren’t Francophone. Vancouver becomes a Chinese city-state for shits and giggles.

So without further ado, here is the latest version of Partition:

partition v2_canada_v3

n.b. The “White American Republic” has been replaced with the Anglo-American Republic. All borders and names are hypothetical.

Refer here for the old descriptions of the successor states. They are more or less unchanged except for the above remarks in this article.

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13 Responses to A Partition of the United States, Revisited

  1. Reblogged this on ReactionaryThought and commented:
    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. There are already moves underway to create the “African American Homeland” in much of the former Confederacy. This is being done by democratic means. And the courts. What would be dismissed as frivolous by a serious judge will be accepted by black-run courts.

    Think I’m kidding? See http://africanamericanhomeland.com


  2. Jon says:

    The water is in the North, and as such that land is far more critical/valuable as the South continues to dry up. Sentiment for the South should not be a large factor if something like this comes to fruition. Furthermore, I suspect that the hot weather cycle of the South has an inter-generational epigenetic effect that lowers IQ. It may be uncomfortable, but we evolved because of and to live in the cold.

    Your borders don’t have enough Ocean access that is critical for trade. Additionally, there is way to much land border to protect. You need more Ocean and should probably include the Atlantic States. Although a shame, if you had to trade a few more western states for them then it would be worth it. Compare their current GDPs to estimate value.


    • There’d have to be a lot of physical removal and cultural change for a white ethnostate to include the Northeast I’m afraid. But the future cannot be known with certainty.

      The borders and coastline definitely leave something to be desired but I tried to balance demographic and geographic concerns to create the largest white state within plausibility. A smaller state might be more efficient but it would also be weakened from the loss of land, resources and people.


  3. Honest Abe says:

    It seems to me that the “electronic right” men who today fantasize about the happening are the very same men who would tomorrow fantasize about the world before the happening.

    So it is that “the left” lives in a fantasy of today’s egalitarianism and “the right” lives in a fantasy of tomorrow’s slap of reality. Two polar opposites, united by fantasy.

    Nobody living in the real world wants to see collapse.


    • There’s definitely an adolescent/immature component to both views, but tomorrow’s slap of reality is far more inevitable than social engineering magically coming to fruition. I take it no one wanted Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia to collapse? No state is eternal and those with continuity only do so by undergoing revolutionary shifts or slow but steady changes.


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