New York is a White City According to Gothamist Readers

The left is as willfully out of touch as ever. I got into a debate with the Gothamist commentariat on Disqus the other day over how white New York, NY is on an article about drug arrests by race. My comments were, of course, deleted while others with profanity or that were part of flame wars were left up. No matter how civil you are, when you’re a heretic you’re a heretic. Let’s just say black people being arrested at higher rates for committing more crime means white people are the problem and that even when whites are not the majority there are still “a lot” of them because relativity doesn’t exist.

The specifics of that aren’t terribly interesting since if you’ve heard one SWPL talk race you’ve heard all of them, but what’s really instructive is how these people perceive whites as a demographic in their blissfully colorblind and yuppie bubble, and how far they’re willing to manipulate words and statistics.

My initial remark was that New York doesn’t have a lot of white people anyway, which implies the percentage of people arrested in New York who are white would be low in the first place. Of course, this does not sit well with those who have racially egalitarian agendas. One commenter informed me that New York is about 44% white. Another posted crime stats from FBI apparently cited by the ACLU.

A number of problems:
1.) 44% is way too high and obviously including Hispanics
2.) The FBI counts all Hispanics as white.
3.) The ACLU is a civil rights group and therefore biased against whites [who as we all know are the enemy of progress].

All of this I mentioned and finally someone presented the US Census data for New York, according to which the city is 33% non-Hispanic white, or as I like to call us Anglo-American. So by the vanilla definition, New York is only one-third white. It is a minority-majority city.

What was exceptionally humorous was the response from one commenter, who concluded that since there were about three million white people in New York out of a population of almost nine million, it was “dumb” and an “idiotic statement” to say there aren’t a lot of white people.

It is a common trope among basic bitch armchair politicians to say that people who you disagree with are stupid dumb idiots and this was no exception. But what I have to wonder is if my opponent was in fact, an authentic idiot. If white people are only a third of a city’s population, they are not the majority. Numerically three million sounds like a lot of people, but relative to the six million strong non-white majority, it is not. Whites in New York are outnumbered two-to-one, something my verbal sparring partner could not grasp. Demographics are hard, I know, but the conversation was obviously not about absolute numbers but each group’s share of the population.

Something I opted to leave out, as it would have probably resulted in an instant ban, was the JQ. New York is well-known as the center of America’s Jewish population, who are largely white-presenting. Of course, people on the alt-right reflexively understand that Jews are not white; they have a separate history as a people and at the organized group level have a strong pattern of subverting white civilization, whether through media, immigration laws, or academia. I am not overly concerned with the JQ myself on this blog, as that is sufficiently well-covered elsewhere. Another way to look at it is that Jews are white in the sense that Filipinos are Chinese.

You’ve probably figured out why I mentioned the joos; it would cut New York’s white population as a percentage even further. There are an estimated 1.5 million Jewish people in New York. Most Jews in New York aren’t these guys. That would make the non-Hispanic gentile white population a mere 1/6th, or somewhere around 16%.

There aren’t a lot of white people in New York.

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4 Responses to New York is a White City According to Gothamist Readers

  1. Brooklyn Dave says:

    As a lifelong New Yorker who now lives in Manhattan–but originally from Brooklyn–I would say Manhattan is a very white boro. The rest of the city is quite mixed between blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indo-Paks, Arabs, Jew, gentile whites or whatever. Even Harlem, the once capital of Black America has becoming whiter by the day. I live in the East Village. Hispanics would still like to claim Alphabet City as their own—but sorry guys, you’re losing ground fast in this area. The yups are pushing you guys out except for the NYCHA projects —and it’s more and more senior citizens living there. I would say the only area that is majority non-white in Manhattan is the west side above 130th St. Washington Heights by the George Washington Bridge–the center of NYC’s Dominican population is getting whiter. Hell’s Kitchen (now rebaptized by the real estate as Clinton –no real NYer ever calls it that) once the bastion of the Westies (poor Irish-American hoodlums) and Puerto Ricans –is quite the happening yuppie neighborhood and gayer by the day. Oh you gay folks, you come into a nabe, make it pretty and then you leave—W. Village and Chelsea once the gayest of gay are not as “festive” as they once were. Now very very white, but white as in 40 something mommies pushing strollers not some leather dude in chaps doing a Village People act. Enough reporting on the “whiteness” of Manhattan.


    • Manhattan definitely has more White people than the outer boroughs in terms of percentages according to census data, but I imagine people’s perceptions of it as being a lot whiter are distorted by people commuting from outside of the city proper, e.g. Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut etc. And on that note, a lot of Manhattan isn’t residential either.


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