Fortress Australia

An example of how to keep an island for its islanders.

When a castle falls under siege, it is not the worst thing in the world to pay off the invaders. And in the case of Australia, paying the danegeld has in fact rid it of the seafaring Danes.

The Indonesian navy said it intercepted the boats on their return and arrested the crew, who said they had each been paid A$5,000 ($3,900; £2,500) to turn back.

Except, Danish immigration to Australia would probably be a good thing given both countries’ white majorities.

Asylum seekers – mainly from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran – travel to Australia’s Christmas Island by boat from Indonesia.

What I am really alluding to, of course, is Australia’s successful policy of “Stop the Boats,” which has slashed illegal immigration from Islamic countries in Asia.

Under Australia’s controversial policies, no migrants and asylum seekers are allowed to reach its territories by boat. They are instead intercepted at sea and turned back or taken to detention facilities on the island nation of Nauru and on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

Everyone who arrives is detained. Under a new policy, they are processed in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Those found to be refugees will be resettled in PNG, Nauru or Cambodia

Good. The rest of the white world, especially Anglo-America and Western Europe, have a lot to learn. Now if only Australia would work on its legal immigration policies…

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