Espionage and Priorities

China has been caught spying/hacking/infiltrating/stealing yet again, this time from U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management. Chinese officials, of course, deny everything. And they should; that’s just how espionage works.

The United States is growing lax in its responsibilities to defend us and our property (including our legal identities), which is unacceptable. No amount of blaming China will change the reality that our cybersecurity is deficient. To some extent it always will be. But in the year 2015, for that to be as neglected as it is now is treason. The money spent bombing Syria and arming Israel could be used for actual defense against a country jockeying against us for hegemony. In addition to stealing information that could be used for identity theft, China has previously stolen and likely continues to steal industrial secrets and data, intellectual property and other kinds of data it can make use of. China doesn’t need to innovate when it can rob us and outproduce us.

Being able to access data is critical to almost everything we do in the digital age. Controlling access to that data is thus inherently important.

The Chinese government is aware of such national priorities. We are not.

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