Even Rome Deposed Elagabalus

Elagabalus was Roman Emperor from 218 to 222 AD, of Syrian origin, and an all around degenerate. Much of his debauchery is probably exaggerated but had basis in reality. Ancient historians are infamous for their biases, as they recognized the power of history to bring honor and dishonor upon persons for all eternity. Elagabalus was a transvestite, sexually perverse, attempted to displace the traditional gods with his own patron god, and insulted the dignity of his office.

I mention this somewhat quirky event from Roman history because in our own time there is a tendency for many, especially on the alt-right, to call attention to the decline and fall of our own civilization. It is a gloom and doom scenario that is yet somehow therapeutic in that it lets us outline everything that needs to be corrected. The Bruce Jenner saga is the latest fuel for this trope, with the recent reveal of his “new identity” as a woman named Caitlyn inflaming contempt across the less progressive sectors of the web. This man actually isn’t #sobrave for pretending to be a woman and making millions of dollars off the media coverage this circus generates. He’s sick and needs help. If Jenner had said he wanted to be a dolphin and had the plastic surgery needed to resemble one, would we be celebrating his coming out as dolphinkin? At the rate we’re going, that might really be the next step.

I actually quite enjoy the STIHIE series quite a bit, but the gloom and doom over the degeneration of American culture, values, and society as a whole has become second nature and predictable. After a day of bombardment with Jenner imagery, I was looking forward to seeing it rehashed through a lens I agreed with rather than the mainstream narrative. The coverage of his “transformation” blotted out all other events that might have happened yesterday. Even at the laundromat, I could not escape Jenner—he was on the wall-mounted TV screens.

The writing is plainly on the wall for all to see that America as many idolize it is all going down the tubes. Men are women. Diversity is our greatest strength. Common sense is racism. The police are the problem. White people are evil. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. You get the idea. Whatever worked in the past has been deconstructed to usher in a brave new world of radical individualism and contempt for order.

As Western civilization becomes more of a twisted parody of itself, culturally and politically lead by people who are so detached from the rest of us but somehow deemed worthy of celebration at the same time, I think more and more people must necessarily come to reject it. We cannot know the day or the hour when this metric reaches critical mass, but I think it will happen. There’s only so much decadence a society can support before it exhausts its carrying capacity and is reordered by people with drive, vision, ambition, purpose, morals, anything but the desire to main the status quo. The United States may limp along for another century, or it could be gone by the 2070s. But one thing is certain, among a growing number of people, there will be an immense sense of dispossession. Even Rome deposed Elagabalus. We too shall depose this eventually.

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