Undocumented Illegal Immigrant Alien Americans Without Borders

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When I was working on my last article about immigration, I came across a lot of the stock talking points of snarky leftists, who dominate the [illegal] immigration debate on most online communities. The biggest of these is that white people are the original illegal immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia or whatever settler colony nation is being discussed and dismembered, and that the country was stolen and belongs to someone other than the majority of the people who live there. Because somehow that justifies further illegal immigration to the United States. Whatever. I don’t know for certain what produces this line of reasoning: it could be badly taught history in school, self-hating white guilt, SWPL signaling, extreme civic nationalism, or a combination of all them. What I do know is that this attitude crops up all the time, and it’s bullshit.

The latest example I found was a picture of a self-identified illegal immigrant, who graduated from college, posted on Humans of New York (HONY). HONY is a Facebook page with six gorillion followers run by a Wall Street guy turned photographer who documents New Yorkers and signals very aggressively. It’s very popular with transplants and non-New Yorkers because it presents them with a disneyfied version of the city that would make Bloomberg proud: you’ve got SWPLs, cute children, inspiring minorities with TV-esque struggle stories, gay people doing gay things, and sassy senior citizens. It’s essentially Democratic Voters of New York, but I digress.

What makes this portrait noteworthy, more than its subject, are its comments. Let’s review some of the most ovenworthy, SWPL-signaling remarks, and with some of our own TRS brand countersnark:

A recent federal survey has estimated there to be over 60,000 illegal immigrants in Australia. However, Aboriginal sources say the number is closer to 22 million.

Yeah, because Abbostralia is a real country, or ever was one, and has borders and a government and can enter into diplomacy with foreign countries. Oh and if it does exist, it wasn’t conquered by a technologically and organizationally superior country. Okay SWPLs.

*undocumented immigrant

Muh semantics. How is this any different from being an illegal immigrant or an alien? Hint: it isn’t. It’s like being mentally retarded, challenged or handicapped. The only difference is the decade.

No you’re not. You’re human.

You can be both human and an illegal immigrant. What level of education did you complete? This is some high-level stuff, I guess. Let’s go back to our rent-seeking hugbox.

To anyone who tells her to go “back to her country”, think about it. Unless you are            NATIVE American, you are also an immigrant. Go back to your country! Or everyone   can accept the fact that we all live on this earth together, and make peace.

Yeah all those people who are 1/16th Cherokee are the REAL Americans. Everyone else should just leave. All three hundred million or so of them. Of course, you just mean white people should get out because muh colonialism but more on that later. And somehow living on earth entitles you to live in any country? Rationally speaking, everyone should move to the best country possible then. Let’s see how long that’s sustainable for.

so was everyone else who first landed on this continent.


No one is illegal. We are all humans separated by borders that don’t really exist.

You sound like an imperialist, you know. Or a doctor. Borders don’t matter to either of those. Also, borders are a good thing. Kind of like how your house or apartment or whatever has walls. At least I hope yours does.

I hate that term- you’re a new American sorting out your paperwork.

This one is my favorite actually. It defines the propositional nation as saliently as possible. Literally anyone is American. With that kind of attitude, Americans don’t even exist; they’re members of a labor market and nothing more. Everyone belongs, even people who aren’t even here yet. Thanks 14th Amendment, you are my greatest ally.

Now that you’re all triggered we can move on to some major league shitlording/fact-dropping.

Most societies in the pre-Columbian Americas [and Australia] did not operate above a clan or tribal level. Within a Eurasian context, many of these societies hadn’t left the stone age. They were thousands of years behind Europe, the Islamic world, China, etc. The major exceptions were the Aztecs and the Mayans, who had ancient-tier empires with road networks and tributary states, but like all New World civilizations, were utterly crushed by Europeans. #SorryNotSorry

So what does all of this mean? It means that much of the non-Eurasian world was terra nullius during the age of colonialism/imperialism. In other words, no political power existed there capable of interacting with the outside world on a European-Islamic-Oriental level diplomatic field. France and the Ottoman Empire could have diplomacy with one another as sovereign states, or Germany and Qing China, but relations between an American Indian tribe and the British empire were immensely lopsided. The indigenes simply did not operate at the same level as Old World states. And they could not defend their purported territorial integrity either. There was no “United States” that was conquered by white Europeans but a North American continent inhabited by a hodgepodge of native tribes and tribal confederations. A country and the land it is on are not the same things.

The United States is a country created from white settler colonies banding together against their motherland, not just muh stolen land. North America is a continent that is home to multiple countries and was historically settled by a variety of peoples with widely varying levels of political, economic and civilizational complexity. Furthermore, it was Europeans who brought all of those concepts—North/South America, geographic continents and the United States—to the New World in the first place. The Comanche and the Choctaw weren’t plying the world’s trade routes well enough to know how much of it even existed. Many of the indigenous peoples of North America had probably never even seen an ocean.

Quite simply, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, did not exist prior to Europeans settling there and creating civil societies and colonies that eventually sought their autonomy or independence from the British metropolis. The land that those states now control was conquered, swindled, or bought from their indigenous peoples to be sure—and right of conquest was practiced across all major civilizations and de facto recognized until 1945—but the states created, the majority of their populations, their institutions, and just about everything but the soil had no relation to those indigenous peoples. They had societies but not countries in the sense that we understand them in 2015, or in the sense that Europeans did in 1776. If the United States was “stolen” from anyone, it was the British.

And how do you illegally immigrate to a society your people created anyway? The United States is not a Native American country and white people could not have “illegally immigrated” there. That’s absurdly anachronistic and historically dishonest. Are colonialism and illegal immigration both movements of peoples? Yes. But they are not the same thing. SWPLs pls.

Here’s a diagram:

god save ameriga

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22 Responses to Undocumented Illegal Immigrant Alien Americans Without Borders

  1. Pandoralives says:

    It seems like you believe that the difference between colonialism and illegal immigration is the ability to overcome the people already living in the land you are migrating to. Just because the Native Americans did not have a “sophisticated government” in the way that we understand them or the way that our forefathers did, does not mean that the deserved to be hunted like animals and physically removed from the land that had previously been their home. Some of the land that we took was uninhabited and far game but some of it wasn’t. A lot of it wasn’t. For some reason you seem to think that because we believed ourselves superior to the Native Americans that we had every right to take things that did not belong to us. While I appreciate your opinion and zeal, I must respectfully disagree.


    • Right of conquest created or laid the foundation for every state that has ever existed. I’m not going to retroactively condemn the reasons why I exist.


      • Pandoralives says:

        You exist because your parents brought you into this world. Do you seriously think that you would not exist without all the blood that was spilled by the people who took this land? And you don’t have to condemn it. What is done is done. But one might think that you could be a little more understanding to the people who can sympathize with those who are trying to make their way into America, even if it is illegal. The people who make the argument that you are attacking in your article, are simply saying that the people who enter this country illegally today, have as much right to do so, as did the colonists who drove the Native Americans from their home. They are saying, I think, that if we can appreciate the acts of the colonists than we can, at the very least, understand the actions of illegal immigrants (the ones who come here for a better life). The spirit of America lives on in the belief that if the place that you are living in does not provide the rights and freedoms that human beings deserve, then you have to leave and start anew. Whatever that may look like. The illegal immigrants, for the most part, are risking their lives, leaving their homes to try to make a better life for their families. Don’t be so sure that if you weree in the position that some of these people are in, that you wouldn’t do the same thing. It’s easy to call them aliens (which, granted they are) when you come from a life of privilege and peace. Forgive me for being so presumptuous, I don’t mean to imply that your life has been a cake walk. I don’t know anything about you other. However, I think it’s safe to assume that you are not so uncomfortable and destitute that you feel you need to leave your homeland and try to get to another one by any means necessary.


      • I would not exist if several lines of ancestors had not come here and met and had more of my ancestors. Cousins of a “me” that only exists in theory would be alive in Europe but not me in any sense that I exist now.

        I sympathize with the people allowed in to replace me insofar as I think it is unfortunate that their countries are so unliveable, but I am not convinced that their poverty and struggle alone justifies demographically transforming the United States into a third world labor market.

        The “spirit of America” that you speak of comes from its founding European stock. Replacing them with non-Europeans, as has been happening since the modification to our immigration laws in 1965, will ultimately end most of the European-derived rights and freedoms that these non-European peoples, incidentally, do not have in their homelands.

        Their homelands will continue to produce misery if nothing changes and us continuously adopting their orphans is a net loss for our civilization and a gain for theirs.


      • Pandoralives says:

        Explain how non Europeans coming into America will inevitably lead to the end of most of the rights and freedoms “that these non European peoples, incidentally, do not have in their homelands.” Religious freedom cannot be considered a European-derived right seeing as how it had a lot to do with the reason that America was colonized in the first place. Your ancestors colonized America because of the lack of religious freedom in Great Britain. I will not say that illegal immigration has all pros and no cons. I do not believe that for one second. My only point is that it isn’t so crazy to understand why everyone doesn’t feel as threatened by it as you do, seeing as how your ancestors did the very same thing, except they did it with far greater brutality and the motives of many colonists (those who not only settled in the vastly unoccupied parts of America but drove the Native American tribes out of their homes) were greed and not poverty.


      • How is religious freedom NOT derived from Europeans? Who wrote and enforced the Bill of Rights? To this day you will find the greatest freedom of religion in European countries or their former colonies in the Americas. The founders of the United States created the least autocratic state in the non-primitive world at the time. Religious freedom is a notable component of that.

        A country’s legal system and its standards of civil society are directly derived from the people living there, not abstract principles and documents. If you like what you have in a white-majority America, assuming you are American and haven’t left to live in lovely Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Syria, China, Zimbabwe etc., then you should support the continued existence of that factor. Displacement level migration from the non-European world does not support it.


      • Pandoralives says:

        Our forefathers were European. Yes. But they were Europeans who lived in a country that did not support religious freedom, which is why they and other like minded Europeans left Europe in the first place. I like what I have in America and I believe that others can benefit from it too. This country that you are so proud of has a lot of issues that are responsible for its decline that have little to do with immigration. And why are non-Europeans the only immigrants that are supposedly hurting America? What about European immigrants?


      • I’m sure you know that the majority of today’s immigrants aren’t European and that the white population will dip under 50% in a few decades at the current rate. And yes there are non-immigration related causes to the decline but we are pouring fuel on the fire.


      • Pandoralives says:

        Why does it matter that the white population will dip under %50? How is that even a little relevant? And yes I do know that most of today’s immigrants aren’t European but I’m still curious what makes non-European immigrants the root of all evil and European ones completely harmless… Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems that you’re more concerned about White Americans losing their majority than the downfall of America..or worse, you think that the two are inherently connected.


      • They aren’t the root of all evil; I haven’t said anything like that. What I am arguing is that this is a European-derived civilization and most of what we enjoy about living it is a product of European people and the society they’ve created. Inviting enough outsiders into our commons to point of losing control of it from a demographic perspective is absolutely suicidal. We live in a country with a majority-rules electoral system and to cede control over that is not something I want to happen without firing a shot. Countries which have non-white majorities are not countries in which I would want to live with very few exceptions; why would I turn my own country into such a place? Because immigrants are poor and I should feel bad for them? I’m not convinced.


      • Pandoralives says:

        This country is changing and the truth is that people of non-European backgrounds can contribute positive things to it. We need to do something about illegal immigration and immigration in general but as long as the systems our forefathers put in place don’t change too dramatically, it doesn’t matter what color Americans are. Our systems and values don’t die with the white majority. If our system and beliefs are truly so great, than the color of the people operating within them shouldn’t matter. The ideals that this country is built on should be applicable regardless of what color the citizens are. Believe it or not, white people are not the only ones who value the principles this country was built from and they are not more important than any another citizens ( I do realize that you were initially talking about illegal immigrants). Just somethings to think about. Have a good night.


    • Mike Enoch says:

      Dude, physical removal of unwanted population groups is great.


  2. Jack says:

    Society is a racial construct.
    The state of a nation is determined by it’s own demographics. If America is populated by Mestizos instead of Whites then the US will simply turn into a Latin American country like Mexico or Brazil.
    Only white people can build and maintain Western Civilization.

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  3. Mr. Platinumberg says:

    “…seeing as how your ancestors did the very same thing, except they did it with far greater brutality…”

    Oh, I guess we should thank the Central American hordes for being so benevolent. More likely they know that if they start getting violent or attempt to stage an actual invasion, they would be wiped out.

    As far as the demographics of a country not being important, do you really think it’s a coincidence that a vast majority of First World countries are either in Europe, or former colonies of European powers? Central America is a disaster, but these people will cross the US border and they’ll be completely different? It’s absurd, especially since most of these people don’t even assimilate anymore. (Thanks to liberals, they’re under the impression that our society should change to suit them.)

    This is actually a very good article about the 1965 Immigration Act and the utterly false pretenses under which it was marketed to citizens: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5391395
    The Democrats have been at this for a long time. They decided that a majority white electorate wasn’t beneficial to their goals. So they came up with a very bold, yet simple plan…get a new electorate.

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  8. Zamachovski says:

    Native people, like blacks and even whites do not truly understand their real legal status in the modern world nor the status of native people before white settlement. Natives of the new world were custodians of the land. They themselves will tell you, you cannot own land because it was given by the creator, great spirit whatever to sustain humans. This admission must have been made to the whites because otherwise things may have turned out differently. The indians could not prove or protect ownership. Therefore when it was competed for with a newer model settlement as opposed to nomadic or hunter gatherer the old model could not survive. You cannot blame white europeans for this as this model was brought to Europe from the middle east. It is semitic in origin.

    The orignal europeans lived native at one stage too but the population compression into a small geographic locale changed things and then the Romans brought the system in. How can something be stolen if it is not owned by someone? Whites can argue the natives were custodians but they lost stewardship to a newer system. This has to do with the law of kings or rather sovereigns. It is like double or nothing in a bet. Kings until America became free were the only really free people which is why they were ‘sovereign’. As a free sovereign you understand and accept that another sovereign might come and challenge you for your shit and it is your responsibility to defend what is yours. This can only be done with enough force to repel the other sovereign, this is might makes right. Americans won sovereignty from the king by force and were sovereign at one point which is why they carried side arms – to defend themselves against another sovereign.they made the mistake though of not getting this recorded on paper in a treaty. Kings own land to the centre of the earth not merely have the use of the top soil.

    This was so until the US became a corporation at the end of the war of the states. All Americans thereafter again became tribute payers and not sovereigns like people in europe but that was phased in over time. the logic of this is buried in the legal system and goes back through every empire to the first in Sumer. Because of this law muslim Turks occupy and control Constantinople not Greeks. Is leftist wailing going to undo that? What pisses off whites world wide is that our own people and those that pretend to be us are opening the gates to the enemy.and we will all end up being like greeks in constantinople behind enemy lines. the Greeks eventually had to flee to Greece proper. where will white americans Flee? Englanistan? Francistan? Europe will be islamic.

    Along side the concept of sovereign is the alien. American blacks have always been marginalized because to this day because they are still aliens to the land despite being US citizens. They cannot become citizens of the states because these where drawn up under natural laws not corporations law which the United States the victor of the war of secession operates under.

    You cannot change your race. This is why a foreigner cannot become a citizen of thailand no matter what. Same thing applies in America. Now immagine an alien deluded by telling them they are free or emanmncipated preaching and demanding from a person with a sovereign status. Now you understand the relationship between blacks and whites. Negroes view this as ‘white privilage’. They should have given up long ago and emmigrated to Liberia.

    Most post 1965 immigrants in america made their countries unlivable and now they will make america unlivable because they thought socialism is a peoples political system rather than a plutocratic Jewish kleptocracy. population change = cultural change. America has already changed. The political system is going to be changed to marxist socialism with a brown majority. Communism could not get a real foot hold in America untill they brought in a different demographic. White liberals are like the native Americans that suggested we should work with the colonials and will ultimately face the same fate, this is another iron law of history. the democratic party is a pseudo-communist party; they have adopted all of the ten planks of communism to varying degree.One thing that is overlooked is that the immigrants are all catholic. america swinging to a catholic majority means that the vatican will be able to reassert control. so what, you think. Well they have never abolished the inquisition, so you know what they will do to all the heretic protestants and athiests, in those ‘fema camps’. there is a lot more at stake here than you realise.
    They have destroyed every protestant group, country or challenger in history and the white west which was predominately protestant is next. This is easy to see if you know the vatican created islam. Has Varican rule elevated latin and south America?, No because they want the dark ages back.


    • Lot of stuff in here. Lost me towards the end. America’s Protestants are just as complicit in anti-white organizing as Catholics at this point. They cuck extremely hard for third-world colonization of the United States, “racial integration,” and all other sorts of suicidal behavior. Problem isn’t just that these people are “socialist” but that they are low-IQ and feel entitled and empowered to rent-seek against White people on the basis of Whites being somehow both weak AND responsible for all of their problems, a paradox of sorts. The Catholic Church did not create Islam I have no idea where you are getting this idea from.


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