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Thoughts on Gay “Marriage”

I think this is an absolute lost cause for the right in political terms. It has majority approval from the general public and overwhelming approval from millennials, despite a vocal minority of Americans opposing it. It’s not going to work. … Continue reading

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Liberal Iconoclasm and Proxy War

  A vandalized Confederate memorial in St. Louis, MO. #BlackLivesMatter, and no one believes in them more than white liberals. As a corollary to this, any elements of American history that indicate otherwise are now endangered. The most recent casualty … Continue reading

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Not Even Death Will Save You from Memes

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Cucking Against the Confederacy: Republican Edition

Southern men the thunders mutter!Northern flags in South winds flutter! ^Basically. I grossly underestimated how quickly Republicans would kowtow to leftist public opinion, whose votes Republicans will, of course, never win. This is a ploy without plotting, giving up ground … Continue reading

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A Little Humor

In an open thread over at TRS, Disqus commentariat member TrenchGun sent in the above meme, based off CNN’s coverage of President Obama saying “nigger.” Does this this offend you?

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The Flag That Can’t and Won’t Come Down

In an article entitled “Why South Carolina’s Confederate Flag isn’t at Half-Staff After Church Shooting,” the Washington Post describes how the battle flag of the Confederate States of America flying outside the SC State House wasn’t lowered in mourning of … Continue reading

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Millennials are the Most Diverse Generation!

Also published at The Right

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