Modernity Against Modesty

The usual suspects are complaining about dress codes, millenial feminists and their professors in academia. This time it’s happening in Canada, but similar stories can be found in schools across the United States. The controversy started over a female highschool student who wore a crop top to class. She was reprimanded by the school’s administrators and told to comply with the dress code. She refused and continued to break the code, in addition to starting a Twitter campaign against it.

Here are some of the responses as quoted by the BBC:

@CDF1999 tweeted “#StandInSolidarity bc I’m a fifteen y/o girl & if my shoulder or stomach bothers u YOU are sexualizing me & YOU are the problem #CropTopDay.”

I’m fifteen and I can wear whatever skimpy clothes I want to school, you shitlord!

“The sexualisation of a teenage girls body is not her problem, it is the problem of those who choose to sexualize a 17-year-old’s body. Female students should be able to wear shorts in the summer months in order to stay cool, you should not be teaching young girls that their bodies are inherently sexual or inappropriate.”

How did we get to shorts? Why wouldn’t you be able to wear shorts? Weren’t we talking about midriff-baring clothing? Or are we talking about those shorts that don’t even cover the girl’s ass? And yes, exposing yourself in a teenage co-ed environment is asking for problems. When did muh feels trump common sense?

“Far from sexualizing women’s or men’s bodies, this is about appropriate attire for different settings,” Thames Valley District School Board spokesman Richard Hoffman School told that BBC. “You wouldn’t likely go to a funeral wearing the outfit you wore dancing. … Many workplaces have minimum standards for acceptable clothing.”

Thank you based Mr. School. When you go into the real world, my dear children, you will have to act and dress like responsible people to keep a job.

@GOPMommy tweeted “#Feminism: fighting for the right to dress like skanks so they can whine about ‘rape culture’ when anyone looks at them. #CropTopDay.”

GOPMommy’s politics are probably as generic as the average Republican, but it is refreshing to see female voices condemning bad female behavior. Gives feminists a headache too.

“I remember my sister was one of the first girls sent home for wearing pants in the ’60s,” said O’Reilly. “We live in a culture that both denies women’s sexuality, but is obsessed with it.”

I don’t want to go off topic here, but aren’t women having more non-monogamous and non-marital sex than ever before? Isn’t hookup culture a thing? Isn’t sleeping around with dozens of men until you hit thirty fairly widespread? Who is denying women their sexuality exactly? Men with standards and women with self-respect? High school principals? Good! The classroom isn’t the bedroom.

For lack of a better term, this whole maelstrom of stupidity is yet another incident where cultural marxism has reared its degenerate head. Dress codes exist for a reason and scantily clad bodies are inherently sexualized. There is nothing wrong with modesty or the related value of chastity. This is another attempt to deconstruct the building blocks of a healthy civilization. You shouldn’t be spending time in class signaling your fertility and then being hissy that teenage boys are distracted by you. The two reasons that leftists are giving for attacking modesty in the classroom are comfort and freedom from sexualization, both of which are bunk.

Comfort is not a justification. Life is uncomfortable. The education system already infantilizes people enough. These same highschool students who claim they want to wear less clothing to be comfortable will claim to want safe spaces in college so they don’t have to hear things that make them uncomfortable. Underwear is comfortable but you don’t wear just your underwear in a public environment. Similarly, the school has a dress code against wearing clothes that are a stitch away from being underwear, like crop tops and tube tops or other things you would find on a woman at the beach.

Then there’s the sexualization argument. Telling women how to dress is sexist or something and implies there’s something shameful about their bodies and that men can’t control themselves and that women are asking for it and…

Why do women like to wear skimpy attire? Why do they like wearing make-up? Why do they spend a ridiculous amount of money on fashion and clothing? If you get an answer that has nothing to do with making themselves more attractive in the sexual marketplace by drawing more attention to themselves and away from rival women, it’s a lie. It’s not a fully independent and arbitrary choice. Few are. And that’s fine. But don’t lie to me or yourself. Have some respect. Why would you dress like you’re going clubbing in a geometry class? Is it because you’re a badass feminist who doesn’t need a man to tell you what to wear even though you’re wearing everything a hormonal high school boy wants to see on a girl his age?

You’re in school to learn, you idiots. Pick up a book, not a push-up bra. You aren’t making great strides for women’s rights by devaluing yourselves and your education.

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