How Anti-White is the EU? The Test Case of Afrikaner Repatriation

A petition has been posted to to ask the European Union (EU) to allow white South Africans and other Europeans living in southern African countries right of return to Europe. The writer provides an interesting justification:

The idea that white South Africans have the right to return to Europe is based in the concept of indigenous rights and self determination.

The white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions at the hands of the ANC government, the EFF, and various individual anti-white aggressors. Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation. Many white South Africans today live in poverty and squalor as a consequence of the ANC government’s Black Economic Empowerment policy which shuts whites out of the labour pool.

Based on the Israeli government’s policy of allowing all Jews the right to return to Israel, we believe it is not only advisable but morally obligatory that Europe should allow all white South Africans the right to return.

[Emphasis added]

As a British newspaper reports, white South Africans wishing to immigrate to Britain are currently treated like anyone else from outside the EU, and it is probably similar for most other countries. Given that GenocideWatch considers South Africa’s white population at risk, this should clearly change. I have also written about how a culture war is currently being waged in South Africa previously. If millions of non-European people from outside of Europe are allowed into European countries, why wouldn’t those of European descent be given preference? And aren’t refugees always given special treatment by European countries rather than being ignored?

The problem is, of course, that Europeans are nowhere near as ethnocentric as Jewish people. In Israel, for example, there is a program in place to pay non-Jewish migrants $3500 per head to leave the country. It is unimaginable to think of any elected Western government pursuing such an ethnocentric policy in order to preserve its majority and national character. If there is even an ounce of racial awareness in Europe, this petition will be considered by the EU and an expedited process will be set up to repatriate white South Africans, Afrikaners, and Boers back to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, at the very least.

The great irony of decolonization wasn’t that whites were left overseas when the empires surrendered but that millions of former subjects of non-white origin moved to the imperial powers’ heartlands, and that this was allowed, encouraged, and accomplished without a violent invasion. Countries like Britain and France have been demographically transformed over the last several decades and are now “home” to millions of Arabs, black Africans, South Asians, and others. If the EU does not allow whites abroad to return when it allowed non-whites to come in, it will only highlight how morally bankrupt and anti-white it truly is. And that, rather than the plight of the Afrikaners, might wake people up more than anything else.

See Also: Radix‘s article on the petition.

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7 Responses to How Anti-White is the EU? The Test Case of Afrikaner Repatriation

  1. hampshirehog says:

    Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:
    Bonkers argument.


  2. The Tory says:

    Unfortunately, I think we all know that the EU is morally bankrupt and that it hates the native populations that it claims to represent. Any type of ethnic consciousness on the part of Europeans is simply unacceptable to the political establishment in the Euro-American world.

    The best we can really hope to do with this petition is to alert people to the anti-European slant of the powers that be.

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  4. jigger616 says:

    If this is not proof of the “One World Government”, then what is? Similar white hate is happening in America. Homogenizing society will make it easy for the NWO to take place.


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