Identity Politics Destroyed Austria-Hungary

I’ve written an article about the break-up of Austria-Hungary and its implications for white Americans and identity in America. Check it out at The Right or below.

Look at all that white diversity

Austria-Hungary was one of Europe’s Great Powers from 1867 to 1918. Prior to that it was called the Austrian Empire. And before the Napoleonic Wars, for some three hundred years, it was an eclectic amalgamation of multi-ethnic territories held by the von Habsburg dynasty in and out of the Holy Roman Empire, which they were also nominally Emperors of. For most of its history, Austria was a reactionary Catholic monarchy, fighting against Protestants and more importantly, the Muslim Turks, taking up the mantle as the bulwark of Western civilization following the end of Byzantium and the collapse of native Christian power in the Balkans. Hundreds of years were spent removing kebabs, most famously with the help of Polish king Jan III Sobieski at the Siege of Vienna in 1683. Austria-Hungary is also the birthplace of beloved LARPer Adolf Hitler and the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (freud freud).

I don’t claim to be an expert on Austria-Hungary, but I did read a book about it that was several hundred pages long during jury duty, so I feel like I know enough to blog about it. What’s remarkable then, about this empire, isn’t that it was multi-ethnic but that it was ruled by a plurality (Austrians in their half and Hungarians in theirs) and that it survived the 19th century, when nationalism was in full swing. Nationalism isn’t bad in my opinion, but when it weakens countries by breaking them up and leaving them vulnerable rather than by uniting them, I think we have to be more nuanced.

How do we account for the survival of a multi-ethnic European empire then? And what does it mean for our own era? I think first and foremost, it is a testament to the importance of ideology (i.e. god, king and country) and a strong government that commands loyalty and is capable of maintaining its territorial integrity by force if necessary. Despite its pluralism, in Austria-Hungary it was evident that the Habsburg dynasty, German language and the Catholic faith were central to society and government in the empire. You need an ideology; we can’t just have individualism and hedonism. In the United States we are in the process of filling the place of god with an assortment of material desires, resent the executive branch, and are often misguidedly loyal to the country which doesn’t care for us. I am sure for many of us, the dildocracy commands very little loyalty and its existence is based on power and complacency. Not that I’m a libertarian or against the government having power, I just think we should have an effective government that isn’t actively betraying us and one which we are loyal to for reasons beyond coercion. LARP LARP.

Imagine if we still had a German Catholic monarchy in Europe that crusaded against Islam and degenerates.

So what happened to Austria-Hungary? Well, arguably they’re the real victims of the First World War, sorry Germany. The heir-apparent to the throne was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Bosnia and the Allies had the country dismembered as part of their peace treaty. In theory, the country was divided in accordance with the borders of its ethnic groupings, but as you can imagine from the map, that didn’t go very well. Austria and Hungary became rump states, leaving behind millions of Germans and Hungarians outside their borders while the clusterfuck country of Czechoslovakia was created, which was essentially a microcosm of the old empire and makes the Allies’ supposed adherence to nationalist principles look like a farce. I happen to like nationalism, but the way Europe has gone since is incredibly ironic. Most of the territories lopped off from Austria ended up leaving the Western-Central European sphere after the violence of WW2 and became communist satellites of the Soviet Union. Almost every successor state to Austria-Hungary or its partitions is now in the European Union and back under German dominion, and in the case of Austria, opened particularly wide to Muslim immigration and dildocracy. A male Austrian transvestite won the Eurovision song competition last year; are you triggered yet?

But what does this mean for the United States? It means that our multicultural experiment doesn’t look too good in the event of a major man-made disaster:

Does this remind you of anything?

My own LARPy view is that the United States will break up at some point or become Brazil. But either way, we need to look beyond what divides White America, whether it’s religion, region or European nation of origin. The primacy of the English language must be recognized as well. Because if we don’t unite as a group on matters of survival, we’re going to get screwed by the professional class of non-white rent-seekers and spoils lobbyists in the post-white Union. Individualism and indifference will not save you from identity politics. You need ideology to reproduce a society. If their nationalism destroys the United States, we need our nationalism to create us.

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One Response to Identity Politics Destroyed Austria-Hungary

  1. 0jr says:

    the zionist, illuminati ,rotchilds,masons ect. destroyed HOLY HUNGARY! and the cabal is commiting genocide against all of white europe.


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