SWPL Imperialism

I’ve written an article about the phenomena of white college students going abroad to post pictures on Facebook of themselves with African children. Head on over to The Right Stuff.biz and check it out and check your privilege. Or read it below.

An important rite of passage for the average white liberal college student is the service trip abroad. Whether it’s to the mythical country of Africa (i.e. Ghana or Kenya), the Caribbean (Jamaica or the Dominican Republic) or somewhere in Central America, the service trip is important to building smugness and a sense of social justice for SWPL Americans. These tropical vacations give students a sense of purpose and make them feel like they are able to affect real change for the suffering POC of the world. Often this amounts to taking lots of pictures to share on social media, playing soccer with African children, holding African children, having reflection sessions on the importance of social justice, and at some point nailing boards together or sitting in on an African classroom. Leftist critics of the service trip will sometimes refer to it as a “white savior complex,” but I think our audience knows better.

In addition to all aid to Africa generally being responsible for that part of the world’s native underdevelopment and promotion of indiscipline, college student-led aid is even more worthless. They typically go there for anywhere from a week to month, and then go home to upload their photos to Facebook. Because you can totally save the world in a week or two. And then another batch of students is sent off to the third world to experience hands-on social justice. What service trips truly represent is something author Kevin MacDonald—who should be well-known to TRS readers—calls “pathological altruism,” and it is something that predominately affects northern Europeans due to their unique cultural and biological development in parts of the world that required close cooperation in order to survive. I am yet to see Indian or Chinese students visit America’s ghettos to help teach urban youths about business consulting or future orientation.

And really, what could be more altruistic than helping people who have almost nothing and live half a world away? They will never be able to reciprocate the “help” you gave them, unless of course once they are educated enough they emigrate and move to Europe or North America to pay you a permanently enriching visit. If you help poor people in America, that simply isn’t sufficient enough to score points in the oppression olympics. First of all, they’re dangerous urban youths, and liberals sort of know they are dangerous implicitly, which is why they refuse to live anywhere near them if they can afford not to. Alternatively, they’re poor and white, which is like, gross, because that means they’re evil Christian bigots. And second of all, they’re American, so that’s just helping your own and that isn’t altruistic enough. So naturally, white liberal college students love service trips to Africa, the Caribbean and Central America. They get to social signal to one another that they helped the oppressed POC of the world, and they feel like they helped too.

But you know what would really let SWPLs live out their social justice fantasies in the third world? The most white of all things white people like, IMPERIALISM. Yes, my dear dildos, if you took over these poor African nations and administered them yourselves, you would be able to carry out your white man’s burden to its greatest potential. Imagine, an Africa where every classroom has a white instructor, every soccer team has a white coach, every building project a white foreman. So, maybe, just maybe, if you want to team up some time and take over Africa again, we can make it a place so nice that those poor oppressed people of color will never want to leave and drown in the Mediterranean or riot in France or behead soldiers in London. I know you have it in you.

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