Musings on the 2014 Israeli-Gazan War

I wrote this last year but in the interest of content creation am publishing it here and now.

Hamas attacks an enemy it cannot defeat. It considers its own casualties to be a victory. Israel fights an enemy it cannot lose to: 1.) the IDF is vastly superior to the military wing of Hamas, 2.) if Israel loses a war against its neighbors it will cease to exist. The fighting is therefore, completely and utterly futile. The Israelis will always win, and the Palestinians will always lose. The problem is that Western countries are somehow involved in all of this, even though it does nothing to further our interest.

As an American goyim, I have no horse in this race. Most Americans—even non-white Americans—have nothing to gain and nothing to lose from the outcome of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is a war between two tribes over their land. Our tribe has nothing to gain from supporting either—the holy littoral of the East Mediterranean will not be ours no matter who wins.

This is a residual problem created by the Balfour Declaration issued by the British empire during the First World War/European Calamity. Rather than turning Palestine over to the Arabs, which they expected to happen, or making it into a European settler colony, Britain gave Palestine to the Jews, emboldening the Jewish settlers who had been arriving since the late 1800s and encouraging more of them to migrate there. Thus, in the minds of the Arab and Muslim world, there is a permanent link between Westerners and Zionists, enemies collaborating to deprive them of their land.

There is a case for supporting Israel, if only on the grounds of trade relations; we are their biggest trade partner. And if Palestinians, whether under Hamas or Fatah, were to control that area, at best it would be a smaller Jordan and at worst, a Syria or a Libya. But in terms of improving our international relations, the choice is obvious. There are many Arab and Muslim countries who would warm up to us if we ceased our unlimited support for Israel. And of course, there is only one Jewish country. How do we explain the disproportionate influence then? It’s not something most people will discuss, since it’s politically incorrect, and any condemnation of Israel or insinuation that Jewish influence on our policies is disproportionate, let alone that it even exists, is met with denunciations of Anti-Semitism, bigotry, racism, and other maleficent monikers.

But ultimately, non-Jewish white Americans have nothing to gain from supporting the territorial integrity of Israel. In fact, our support of Israel and hostility to the Muslim world has led to terror attacks on our own soil and the death of our people. The threat is even greater to white Europeans, who harbor large Muslim populations in their capitals. The Muslims, to be sure, are our historical enemies, but the enemy of our enemies,Israel, is not our friend, especially when we have to continually prop them up, something our medieval forebears eventually understood when they abandoned the unsustainable Crusader states in the Levant to Islamic reconquest. The Jewish Maccabean state is another such anomaly.

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