Carly Fiorina: Chief Executive or National Leader

I watched Carly Fiorina’s interview on Meet the Press, and while I was impressed with her rhetoric I was not at all surprised by what she had to say. Yes, she is a woman, and this gives the Republicans an opportunity to play the identity politics game since she is their only female candidate. I was pleased to see that she did not play this up however, as the Democrats would. I was also pleased to see skepticism of the Washington bureaucracy and the lack of transparency of the Obama administration. These were all good signals, but generally run-of-the-mill for the Obama era Republican anyway.

What was unsurprising and equally disheartening, was how little she sounded like a civic or national leader and how much she sounded like a businessperson. Fiorina hit all the signaling marks for America’s moneyed class, talking about executive decision-making, tough choices, keeping her company afloat during the recession, managing people, understanding technology, and so on. These aren’t inherently bad things, but…

There wasn’t a single ounce of patriotism. There was no sense conveyed at all that she had any interest in everyday Americans. This is the post-modern future of the Republican party: no race, no class, just a resume. Here’s why I should be CEO of America Inc.

If you’re going to be a fiscal conservative and run the United States as an economic unit, that’s one way of doing things. But if you aren’t tempering economics with nationalism then what are you doing? Tell me businessperson, who are your stakeholders? Manufacturers in Asia? International bankers? I’m guessing not the American worker. As an added bonus, globalist business class people love open borders immigration too; would she support that as our CEO? The former head of a technology company that builds all of its products in China might be the leader modern America deserves but she isn’t the right choice for our people.

A country is not a company. And while the United States is not an ethnic nation, the economic policies of our leaders ought to be nationalist rather than rootless capitalism.

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