The Barracks of the Culture War

Times are changing as always, and people’s tastes are too. Perhaps innocently enough, students at New Jersey’s Rutgers University are petitioning to have their school mascot changed.


Because he’s a white male. Worse still, blonde haired, blue eyed, and dressed as a European knight.

Now, unless you’re a college student or graduated within the last decade or so, this probably sounds pretty ridiculous. Maybe outrageous. It’s political correctness gone amok for sure, right? These kids just need some civil rights issue to complain about and this is a low-hanging fruit.

Well, yes and no.

It is silly that a diverse student body would want to ban representation of students based on race. Yes, that does sound rather peculiar. But it’s not nearly so simple. This can’t be dismissed as political correctness or bored social justice activists. The current generation has been educated to think and feel a certain way about white people and men that would make the founders of Rutgers and most universities and institutions in America, and the Founding Fathers themselves scratch their heads at the very least.

Privilege. Particularly the white and male varieties.

Proponents argue that privilege isn’t about guilt or hate but about dialogue and recognizing one’s advantages. But of course, that’s their side of the story and for the majority of people who will encounter this ideology, they control the discussion. But what Privilegism really is, in my opinion, is a weaponized form of identity politics and white guilt. It can be used to make whites and men back down, give up control of institutions, erase their heritage, condemn themselves, succumb to rent-seeking by other identity groups, and so forth. You get the idea, I presume. It’s about power and shaming; the power to shame, if you will.

Another post-modern anti-value, incidently beloved by colleges, is that of diversity. It’s our greatest strength according to educators, politicians and businesspeople. Diversity is what makes Baltimore, for example, such an enriching place to live and work. Diversity implicitly means less white people, and Privilegism is the Big Stick wielded by the left and their minority proxies to enforce it. If you’re convinced that your ancestors were evil and that you are perpetuating injustice and oppression by daring to exist as a white male, atonement is only found through self-hate and endorsing white dispossession of American culture and society. Blame whitey for all the world’s problems and demonize his identity? You bet; wouldn’t want people to think I’m racist for disagreeing. More welfare and concessions to African Americans? Sure, we’re racist after all and need to make amends. Amnesty for illegal immigrants from non-white countries? If it will absolve us of our white racism I hope even more come here to enrich our country.

The Rutgers dispute is utterly irrelevant in the long run but sometimes these salient headlines say something instructive about America and where we’re headed. Removing white symbols from our society is the first step in a long march against whites. American universities are the barracks of the culture war.

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