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Modernity Against Modesty

The usual suspects are complaining about dress codes, millenial feminists and their professors in academia. This time it’s happening in Canada, but similar stories can be found in schools across the United States. The controversy started over a female highschool … Continue reading

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Anglo-Americanism [Old]

An updated version of this article has been published at The Right, as well as on this blog. trigger warning: semantics The term “Anglo-American” has been in use since at least the time of Tocqueville, who used it in … Continue reading

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The Rational View on Immigration

I’ve written an article at TRS in response to RationalWiki’s article on “Myths and facts about immigration to the United States.” It is part of an ongoing series of articles at criticizing RationalWiki’s coverage of political issues. Check it … Continue reading

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“White Supremacy,” Self-Determination, and Human Rights

White-supremacist. Neo-nazi. Racist. Sometimes words are used by their textbook definition, other times they are used to misrepresent something, and sometimes they are used to signal. When one person says to another that something is one of these words, the … Continue reading

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How Anti-White is the EU? The Test Case of Afrikaner Repatriation

A petition has been posted to to ask the European Union (EU) to allow white South Africans and other Europeans living in southern African countries right of return to Europe. The writer provides an interesting justification: The idea that … Continue reading

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The Greatest LARPing of All Time

I’ve written an article about LARPing and its relationship with Irish republicanism/nationalism. Check it out at The Right or below.

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Palmyra and the Mohammedan

If they can’t sell it, they’ll blow it up. That’s been the modus operandi for Islamists for decades. It happened to the giant Buddha statues of Afghanistan, tombs in Mali and museums in occupied Iraq. The idols are to be … Continue reading

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