Bruce Degenerate

Former male Olympian, face on the Wheaties box and stepfather of a pornographer, Bruce Jenner, has announced to the world in what was probably a very lucrative interview that he is a trans woman. There’s also going to be an eight-part documentary on E! this summer, so millions of Americans can watch a man ‘transition’ into being a woman.

This is of course, impossible, because unless you are biologically intersex, and the overwhelming majority of humanity is not, you are either a man or a woman. But according to Hollywood and academia, you can actually be anything you want to be.

In theory this sounds like a good idea and even an American value. But it has always had parameters. If you want to go into a profession outside of what your parents did, you have the opportunity. Be what you want to be. If you are a man who wants to be a woman, castrate yourself and pump your body full of estrogen.

Wait what?!?

I don’t keep up with the Kardashians and I don’t want to. It was once hard to imagine their race to the bottom going any faster, but the family patriarch deciding he wants to be one of his daughters takes the cake. It’s not like clan Kardashian-Jenner hasn’t done enough to promote degenerate lifestyles for Americans. There’s actually more that can be done. Maybe Bruce will follow in the footsteps of his daughters and find a nice rapper or football player to date.

But in some way, maybe this circus says something about our society and what it values. The obsession with sex and attention that pervades the female mind as a source of empowerment and self-worth is capable of spilling over to even the most masculine and powerful of men. We are simply bombarded with it. To be American is to be hedonist. And what greater form of hedonism (in the sense of self-destroying pleasure-seeking behavior) is there than self-mutilation to appease one’s psychological whims?

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