Africa’s Chief Export

Over the weekend, yet another boat carrying African “migrants” or “refugees” met with disaster crossing the Mediterranean Sea attempting to reach the shores of Europe. These victimized people are coming in search of a better life. Last year, over 200,000 made the journey. This is, of course, on top of all the legal immigration to Europe facilitated by the European Union (EU) and individual countries’ immigration policies.

Many of these people are fleeing poverty. Others are supposedly fleeing from war, despite European countries not bordering anyone at war other than Ukraine. It is supposed that some refugees are coming from Syria, but if their only goal was to escape the violence there, why not move to a neighboring country like Turkey, Iran, Lebanon or Egypt?

The truth is of course, that it is almost entirely economic migration. They’d rather be poor in socialist Europe than poor in an African country. And in Europe, a combination of white guilt, religious belief in diversity and multiculturalism, open borders and free trade ideology, preference for immigration over natalist policies (have more babies), and a universalistic and anti-nationalist worldview commit European governments to welcoming any and all immigrants, no matter how impossible it may be to integrate them.

This has, over the last few decades, lead to millions of Africans and Muslims living in Europe. And as anyone outside of Europe could readily tell you, multiracial and multiethnic societies harbor a wealth of social problems and potential conflicts, a lesson Europe is only starting to understand from beneath its haze of leftist multiculturalism. Anti-immigration parties like France’s National Front, and to a lesser extent Britain’s UKIP, are evidence that the tide may be starting to turn against origin-blind immigration policies.

There is another problem, however, for those who believe that Europe should be European. Indeed, this is also a problem for those who believe Europe should be multicultural.

Europe is dying and Africa is growing.

Even without immigration, the European share of Europe’s population will continue to drop and the non-European share will continue to grow every year—as it has for decades—because Europeans are not having enough children to replace themselves. 2.1 children per woman is considered the replacement rate, and yet much of Europe is off the mark. This bodes ill for their welfare states and the pensioner-to-worker ratio, systems which date back to those established by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the 19th century. Population decline would honestly be a good thing given the overuse of the Earth’s resources and technological automation. We have too many people and not enough labor for them. If Europe had to, it could adapt to population decline and come out stronger compared to the impoverished nations of the world, thronged with people and bursting at the seams with human biomass.

Europe doesn’t want to do that. They want to let in young workers from the demographically robust nations of the world to keep their welfare afloat. It is ultimately population replacement. It is what the United States does, a country projected to lose its white majority in the 2040s. Even those who embrace diversity will find their nations become less diverse as everyone becomes more African and Muslim and less European. Unless of course, the people who advocate for diversity are in fact anti-European and want the European population replaced. Perhaps they harbor a hatred for the colonialist imperialist white supremacist Christian patriarchal Nazi white privilege civilization of the West. But nobody thinks like that or studies those concepts in college courses or advocates for that through NGOs or government bureaucracies.

At the same time, they often believe in self-determination and justice for non-white nations, that they be free from outside interference and exploitation.

But if the EU forces European countries to accept the diversity and enrichment of Africa and the Middle East’s dregs and those people come to claim welfare, that is most certainly outside interference and exploitation.

Adopting hundreds of thousands of foreign “migrants” isn’t about social justice or humanitarianism. It’s population replacement. Stop the boats.

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