Far Away in Australia

Australia has been no stranger to multicultural extremism since abolishing white supremacy in the late 20th century. The island nation, whose people are primarily of British and Irish stock, formerly had a ‘whites only’ immigration policy, a prudent measure for an ethnically conscious and demographically diminutive people on an island off the coast of Asia, home to billions of non-white people, many of whom lived in poverty and would happily leave given the chance.

The initial fear was of Australia becoming Chinese, and indeed there are many Chinese living in Australia following the abolishment of white nationhood. But other guests have come, Muslims.

A terror plot was foiled in Melbourne last Friday. Last year there was a successful attack in Sydney. The government is likely spending millions on counterterrorism and surveillance. What a productive and enriching use of public funds, to prevent imports from killing locals.

Why does Australia have to do this, a giant island colonized by Europeans in the Pacific?

It’s not the Aborigines attacking whites.

It’s not Fenians attacking British authorities.

It’s an import. A fundamentally violent, supremacist, and anti-Western ideology has been willingly transplanted into Australia and dozens of other Western countries.

And there is absolutely no good reason for it.

Was it racist to restrict immigration to Australia?

Then surely it must be anti-racist to allow multiculturalists to terrorize and kill their hosts.

As Australia joins the rest of the West in becoming free labor markets rather than nation states, one can only expect more friction and social disintegration.

But at least they’re not racist.

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