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Racism vs Nationalism in the United States

We are told ad nauseam that the United States is a racist country. Indeed, how could this not be the case in a multiracial country? But if Americans are racist, and they are, why then is there not a strong … Continue reading

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Tribalism in Baltimore

The woman who runs a studio here in Baltimore told me these "Black owned business" signs were necessary. — Andrew Blake (@apblake) April 26, 2015 Exodus 12:12-13 “I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night and … Continue reading

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Bruce Degenerate

Former male Olympian, face on the Wheaties box and stepfather of a pornographer, Bruce Jenner, has announced to the world in what was probably a very lucrative interview that he is a trans woman. There’s also going to be an … Continue reading

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Opposition to Invasion is Genocide

Or so the institutions of globalization tell us. The BBC summarizes the latest controversy fairly enough. Immigration skeptic Katie Hopkins wrote an article in The Sun likening migrants to cockroaches, which is apparently tantamount to the Rwandan genocide or the … Continue reading

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Africa’s Chief Export

Over the weekend, yet another boat carrying African “migrants” or “refugees” met with disaster crossing the Mediterranean Sea attempting to reach the shores of Europe. These victimized people are coming in search of a better life. Last year, over 200,000 … Continue reading

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Far Away in Australia

Australia has been no stranger to multicultural extremism since abolishing white supremacy in the late 20th century. The island nation, whose people are primarily of British and Irish stock, formerly had a ‘whites only’ immigration policy, a prudent measure for … Continue reading

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Symbolic Ethnic Conflict in South Africa

The removal of white statuary in South Africa is a sign that there can be no union between black nationalists in South Africa and the white nationalist Boers. Continue reading

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