Keeping Out and Out of Yemen

Yet another Middle Eastern country has developed into chaos. Joining the ranks of Libya, Syria and Iraq, now Yemen has become the next battleground in the Sunni-Shiite proxy wars, or Russian-American, or Israeli-Iranian, or Saudi-Iranian, or whatever you want to call them. Western politicians and leaders are already beginning to salivate at this opportunity to expend more of the treasury.

But involvement is the worst possible option.

If Europe or the United States becomes involved in airstrikes, weapons exports or other military assistance to our allies/clients in the Yemenite conflict, it will undoubtedly increase the level of violence and destruction. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, if it served our objectives. As they say, “no pain, no gain;” Middle Eastern wars are all pain and no gain (if by pain you mean U.S. combat deaths over several years amount to a week during the Civil War). As Stalin once said, one death is a tragedy while a million deaths are a statistic. But I digress.

What happens if we get involved and turn up the level of violence and destruction in Yemen? What will become of the people of Yemen?

They’re going to move. And if they’re anything like Syrian refugees, they’re going to move far. They’re going to come to Sweden, Germany, Britain and the United States.

Because really, what the West needs is more potentially violent and anti-modern non-white foreigners of childbearing age.

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